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XingYing-Staracamp Classroom Online - How to

1. How to create an account

2. How to enroll into a class and check devices

3. How to
use classroom tools

4. How to make the online class more effective and engaging?

  • It is important to check devices before class to make sure the webcam, microphone and headsets are all working. Once the class is scheduled on the course website, there is a link for you to check devices any time before class. Please do this since we won't have time to deal with technical problems during class. If your webcam or microphone is not working during class, in most cases, the student should be still able to see and hear the teacher and other classmates, and to communicate with them through the chat box. Attend the class in that way instead of spending time on fixing the webcam or microphone problems. Since the class is recorded, in the worst case or if you miss the class for any reasons, you can always watch the recording to make up the class.
  • Wear headsets. This will eliminate echoing and allow the teacher to turn on the video and sound for all students at the same time. Otherwise, the teacher will need to turn them on one by one. Wearing headsets will also help students stay more focused and engaged.
  • When you check devices, please adjust the microphone level according to the student. We have found that most students tend to speak softly. Turn up the volume if that is that case. If the student tends to speak loudly, it would be helpful to turn the volume down a little bit.
  • Come to class on time to reduce the waiting time for the class. We have also found that the online classes are more fun an effective when there are 3 to 5 students in the group. We will lack the group dynamics when the group is too small.
  • Important! If you forget your usename or password, please do not just create a new account. That won't work. Actually, it is very easy for you to retrieve or reset your username or password by clicking the "Forgotten your username or password?" link at the log-in page.