2015 XingYing Staracamp Online Summer Chinese Classes

MCA is planning to offer XingYing-StarAcamp online summer Chinese classes this summer, for students with various Chinese language backgrounds, including students in Chinese immersion and non-immersion programs and schools, and students from Chinese immigrant families. The main purpose of the online summer Chinese classes is to provide an enjoyable and personalized Chinese learning experience to students over the summer. The classes will be in four major categories – 1. Chinese songs;  2. Chinese classical poems; 3. Chinese proverbs and stories; 4. HSK Test and Chinese SAT II Test preparation. They will be offered at 4 levels, covering a wide range of proficiency levels.

Level 1 – for students 9 years old or younger; MCA Red 2 students or below.

Level 2 – for students 10 years old or above; MCA Red 3 to Gold 3 students.

Level 3 – MCA Scholar students, students in Chinese immersion programs or schools.

Level 4 – students in Chinese immersion programs or schools, students speaking Chinese at home.

Classes to offer:

1.    Chinese songs – Level 1

2.    Chinese classical poems – Level 2

3.    Chinese proverbs and stories – Level 3

4.  Chinese proverbs and stories –  Level 4

5.  HSK Test preparation - Level 1-4

6. Chinese SAT II Test preparation - Level 4

Classes will start in the week of July 13th for a total of 6 weeks. Students will meet with the teacher online for one hour each week in a small group setting (no more than 5 students). 

Tuition and fees:   

1.    Registration fee - $10 (one fee for all classes).

2.    Tuition per class - $105 (minimum enrollment of 4)

Please sign up online